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Creative Curriculum

At Jessop we have continued to focus on developing our curriculum creatively to ensure that we continue to stimulate the interests of our children.  Ultimately our aim is to provide an inspiring curriculum which is not only enjoyable and engaging but also leads to the raising of standards for all pupils.  ‘The Creative Curriculum’, is a concept that was formulated in the spring term of 2012 to underpin our approach to delivery of the national curriculum.  The development of our curriculum is an organic ongoing process that involves regular consultation of all stakeholders including pupils, parents and the wider community. With an emphasis on teaching that responds to the needs of pupils featuring coverage of a range of topics that will better endow them to develop a holistic understanding of the wider world; we are confident that our provision will enrich the educational experience of both pupils and staff.  Our Creative Curriculum makes learning more relevant and appealing with appropriate links made between subject areas. Where possible, children’s own experiences are used to enhance learning.  Our Creative Curriculum is not static but will change to reflect current issues and interests.  We will continue with whole school topics, to bring the school community together.  The whole school topics are carefully chosen to ensure a full coverage of national curriculum requirements. 

Termly homework projects form a very important part of the Creative Curriculum.  Each term a new area of learning is assessed, extended and consolidated through the research and investigative work that children carry out outside of school with their families.  The quality of homework projects that children produce is of a very high standard.  This work is usually exhibited over the course of the academic year.

As a school we passionately believe that it is important to continue to develop the creative dimension of the learning experience.   We are ever actively engaged in research and collaboration with a range of partners to ensure that we draw on all elements of outstanding practice as the basis for our on innovative approaches in future.


Creative Curriculum Topics 2015 - 2016

Term 1

Term 2

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Term 6

My World
and Me





On Your Marks


Ofsted Quote

Teachers have excellent subject knowledge, very high expectations and plan a range of activities that inspire and

enthuse pupils in lessons.

Teachers make excellent links across subjects providing practical experiences to make learning more relevant to pupils and to develop curiosity.


Visits to local places on interest help to bring the curriculum to life. Ofsted


Ofsted Quote

Outstanding teaching of early reading skills and regular sessions that link letters and the sounds they make in the Early Years Foundation Stage and in Years 1 and 2 provide a very good foundation for children to learn to read. In Key Stage 2 guided reading sessions encourage pupils to analyse texts and respond to authors’ use of