Jessop Primary School



At Jessop we produce a school newsletter every half term. Within the newsletter there are articles about past events that have taken place during the previous half term and information on up-and-coming events. Also included in the newsletter is information such as important dates and school trips. A copy of the newsletter is sent home to all parent/carers, in addition to this you can also view the newsletters below:

Newsletters and Jessop News 2015/2016

PDF icon JPS Newsletter June 24 (2016)
PDF icon JPS Newsletter June 10 (2016)
PDF icon JPS Newsletter May 20 (2016)
PDF icon JPS Newsletter May 6 (2016)
PDF icon JPS Newsletter April 22 (2016)

PDF icon JPS Newsletter March 22 (2016)
PDF icon JPS Newsletter March 4 (2016)
PDF icon JPS Newsletter February 12 (2016)
PDF icon JPS Newsletter January 15 (2016)
JPS Newsletter December 4 (2015)
 JPS Newsletter November 13 (2015)
 JPS Newsletter Autumn Term 1 (2015)

LMM News November (2015) 


Newsletters and Jessop News 2014/2015

 JPS Newsletter Summer Term 6 (2015)
 JPS Newsletter Spring Term 1 (2015)
 JPS Newsletter Autumn Term 2 (2014)

 JS Federation Newsletter May (2015)
 JS Federation Newsletter March (2015)
JS Federation Newsletter Feb (2015) 
 JS Federation Newsletter Dec (2014)

 LMM Winter Newsletter (2015)
 LMM Autumn Term (2014)