Jessop Primary School



At Jessop we produce a school newsletter every half term. Within the newsletter there are articles about past events that have taken place during the previous half term and information on up-and-coming events. Also included in the newsletter is information such as important dates and school trips. A copy of the newsletter is sent home to all parent/carers, in addition to this you can also view the newsletters below:

Newsletters and Jessop News 2015/2016

PDF icon JPS Newsletter July 19 (2016)
PDF icon JPS Newsletter June 24 (2016)
PDF icon JPS Newsletter June 10 (2016)
PDF icon JPS Newsletter May 20 (2016)
PDF icon JPS Newsletter May 6 (2016)
PDF icon JPS Newsletter April 22 (2016)

PDF icon JPS Newsletter March 22 (2016)
PDF icon JPS Newsletter March 4 (2016)
PDF icon JPS Newsletter February 12 (2016)
PDF icon JPS Newsletter January 15 (2016)
JPS Newsletter December 4 (2015)
 JPS Newsletter November 13 (2015)
 JPS Newsletter Autumn Term 1 (2015)

Newsletters and Jessop News 2014/2015

 JPS Newsletter Summer Term 6 (2015)
 JPS Newsletter Spring Term 1 (2015)
 JPS Newsletter Autumn Term 2 (2014)